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Your Questions About Marketing Ideas

Your Questions About Marketing Ideas

Marketing ideas?

Hi all wondered if you could help: Our small company arranged marketing courses for people and we have not been receiving many enquiries from 2 of our locations, any ideas how we could go about increasing enquiries? Marketing ideas etc? thanks

admin answers:

Sounds like you need to get some data first. Trial & error is an expensive way to spend marketing dollars & effort, and sometimes it can do your brand more harm than good.

I kinda agree with an earlier poster – hire people who are good at marketing. And a good marketer already KNOWS what people will respond to and HOW to reach them best BEFORE pitching the value prop or judging the results.

Start off by interviewing your market – current customers are a good start. What were the reasons why they bought your product/service? How did they learn about it? What made them move when they did? Are there key

Lisa asks…

What are good marketing ideas for a free lance makeup artist?

I have done the expected marketing ideas such as local advertising in our traders mag, letter drops which is an ongoing exercise – any ideas would be much appreciated.

admin answers:

Online marketing is the trendy thing to do nowadays, whether through social media sites like FB or Twitter or through online listing websites, you can really expose your business to the right consumers who would be interested in hiring a freelance makeup artist. The best part about online marketing is it’s free, if done correctly.

Create a Facebook page for your business to increase awareness and also showcase your talents through past projects captured in videos or photos to prospective clients. Also, you should list your business online, specifically on websites that direct users to local businesses in their area. is actually a pretty cool online service; it is an online shopping website where users/customers can search for local businesses that offer products and services ranging from babysitters to electricians to flowers. Users can communicate directly with businesses they choose to buy services/products from after getting recommendations from, and from there, your business can gain business. Usually, I believe they charge vendors for signing up, but since they’re new, they are offering a special promotion for vendors who are interested: register as a vendor for free. It’s a good option for those who are on a tight budget but still need exposure to grow their business. If this is something that appeals to you, you should just try it out and see what happens.

Let me know how it works out!

Sharon asks…

Possible marketing tactics or ideas for edible arrangements?

I have to do a marketing project where I create a marketing plan for a local owner of three edible arrangement stores. I’m having trouble coming up with ideas or getting started. I’m looking for marketing ideas that I could use. The three stores this individual owns are franchises so I’m not sure what he would actually be able to do but, I am open to ideas big or small. Thank you very much for your help, I would appreciate any ideas.

admin answers:

Ever thought of edibles for man’s best friend? Promotional pet products are HOT right now. Get this, they even have biscuits and treat that can be printed with a company’s logo or contact information! Maybe make an arrangement of biscuits for display or some sort of pet geared arrangement and hand out pet treats with Edible Arrangement’s logo and information? You can buy printed treats at

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