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        It used to be that one could take out a big ad in the Yellow Pages Phone Book and you were set for the year. It was expensive but it worked. Today, with the advent of the internet, Print and other forms of advertising are all but dead. When’s the last time you opened the Phone Book? Even newspapers and direct mail have taken a hit… plus they’re expensive.
         Today, there’s no single magic bullet to draw customers to your business. It takes a combination of marketing platforms, with INTERNET ADVERTISING leading the way…  webpages, email blasts, social media, apps, mobile, text and more.  The good news is that the right combination of advertising WILL bring your business – and it’s less expensive than the old way!
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EXAMPLES what is included for $97/mo.:
get googlized

A) Webpage including 5 Star Reviews, Google Map, Coupon,
Facebook, Twitter , G + Link Icons and video (if applicable)

B) Includes Your FREE Listing in Top Directory,
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C) Inclusion in Our Popular Facebook and Twitter Sites,  or
( or your very own for an additional fee)

D) Biweekly EMAIL BLAST to our proprietary list of coupon users and buyers, including your coupon

Testimonials –

1) Carpet Cleaner – 
First Page – three listings for ‘organic carpet cleaning’!
(Since ‘carpet cleaning’ is an extremely popular term , we would have never ranked for it , so we went with still popular ‘organic carpet cleaning’ as well as ‘organic upholstery cleaning’.

2) Housecleaner – 
1st Page Google Rank for keywords ‘Eastbay Housecleaning’

3) Personal Trainer 
Keywords: ‘Personal Trainer Contra Costa’
4) Author – Ranks 1s Page for ‘Bay Area Professors Memoir’
Even in an unusal, hard to rank category, we managed Page One 
5) Edgewater Shopping Center
 – Ranked 1st Page, 1st Listing for ‘Peninsula Coupons’
Our Limousine Service  RECEIVED ALMOST 50 VISITS in a month  for an unnusual but effective, undervalued  keyword phrase we found for them: 
‘south and east bay airport shuttle promo’  and  variations of that.
(since this came out, they’re still ranking high but for a slightly different keyword phrases we will
keep as propriatary for this very difficult to rank category
Because the internet marketing industry is already changing, particularly the Google algorhythms, we have already implemented a series of new changes , including giviing you not only a webpage but a separt web blog which is doing spectacularly – even better than the webpages! 
We hope all the above is impressive for what you get for $97!
Give us a call if you’re ready to try us out for three months (minimum)  or more – or if you have any questions : 


(925)-284- 7168

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Online Advertising Most Favored – Direct Mailing a Close Second

LAFAYETTE, California January 1, 2013 &
Coupon connect consumers searching for value online with
latest local service and retail business deals, discounts, bargains and
savingsinformation. (Nomensa)CORE NEWS FACTS- BUSINESS and
Nomensa found that 36 percent of people plan to spend more money
online this year and 89 percent believe that consumers can find better
prices online .Despite plans to increase spending in some areas, the research
also reveals that small-business owners are increasingly questioning whether
mass media advertising (newpapers, yellow pages, TV , radio, etc.) effectively
reaches their desired audience.Coupon Country Direct Mail and its online
sister, has studied the new SEO online
marketing strategies,offering low-overhead, personalized ‘ahead of
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INTERNET ADVERTISING is now the top-rated advertising medium, favored by both businesses and consumers Broken down by specific media, 44% of respondents ranked online advertising as effective, followed by direct mail (32%) , having replaced the more expensive phone book ( 28%), and newspapers (27%), which have dropped signifcantly from their previous top rankings. (Ad-ology) Combining COUPONS with Internet makes a Most Powerful Marketing Strategy. Over 76% of the population use coupons, according to the Promotion Marketing Association (PMA) Coupon Council. Internet and direct mail advertising are now one and two marketing media (Ad-ology) offers all three – internet comgined with coupons as well as direct mail and coupons for a Top 2-in-1 or even Top 3-in1 Marketing Package! Coupons are an increasingly popular way for merchants to increase their sales and we do it all for you, combining the best ad media for one low cost – much less per capita than you’ve been paying for phone book and newspaper. In an attempt to stay right on the cutting edge of the latest advertising trends, COUPON COUNTRY has expanded into the Internet realm in a big way , with not just but and many other sites, which may apply to different businesses, from to to MobileYellowPages (in process) and others. We will find your niche and promote your business with more effort and less money. Give us a call today at or 888-4-A-COUPON or visit us

DIRECT MAILING still the ‘Bread and Butter

– Internet Advertising may displace direct mail one day but for now, direct mail is still the most cost-effective ad medium. Now iin its 30th year, Coupon Country continues to crank out those coupon books to the tune of 10,000 a week. Our advertisers tell us they like the smaller, weely mailings for consistent response which they can handle, rather than mailing say, 100,000 once every two months , which may be more than they can handle at first and then, when respsonse dries up they have to wait weeks until the next mailing to goes out. So, if you haven’t already, give Coupon Country and a try, an unbeatable top-rated 2-in-1 Ad Package. Or, try out just the internet ads for only $25/month! Where else can you be found on first page Google searches for less? Call me today- Get calls tomorrow! 925-284-7168 or 888-4-A-COUPON, Burt Kaufman PS. FREE Road to Success Poster from 2013 via 1982 poster with any advertising consultation or advertising purchase – celebrating 30 Years of Business Success! More Best Bay Area Marketing Yellow Pagesa Coupons Internet Advertising and Coupon Country Direct Mailing

OBAMA: ‘You Didn’t Build That Business’: Don’t Let Your Business Go Under

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 OBAMA: ‘You Didn’t Build That

Business’ – Don’t Let Your

Business  Go Under

Top 10 Small Business Ideas – Best Way To Advertise


I don’t usually get too political or even watch much news but I’ve had a little extra time being with Dad and couldn’t believe all the sad, crazy stuff going on just the past month….i.e.

1)OBAMA DOESN’T RECALL MATIONAL DEBT NUMBER($16 TRILLION) – on a recent (9/12) David Letterman visit failed to answer Letterman’s surprising (for him) question as to the current national debt. Either Obama is pretty ignorant or more likely he just didn’t want to mention the $16 trillion figure (which is nearly double
what it was when he took office) by saying he ‘didn’t remember the exact number precisely.’ On the other hand, as Eric Wemple points out, maybe the debt’s been going up so fast he CAN’T

2) OBAMA MISSED OVER HALF OF INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS – It was reported in the news recently
that Obama only attended 43% of intelligence briefings with CIA and committee members. Say what you will about George W. Bush, he never or rarely missed a meeting, according to Gov. John Sununu, who was a member of said committee under Bush and couldn’t recall
him ever missing one. Perhaps if Obama had attended more we would have had better security in Libya, Egypgt and other embassies to avoid the recent bloodshed.

and killing of three other Americans in team 1,
after apparent missed intelligence on 9/11 of all days! Official administrationrationoale ( Youtube anti-Muslim video) was later changed to the cortrect terriorist explanation.

4)THE OBAMA ADMIN. AIDING EGYPT(which Obama even admits is no longer a ‘friendly’ country) to the tune of $1 1/2 billion while its ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ follower sprotest the U.S. , ostensibly as a protest of some anti-Muslim youtube film made by some
hack;the real reason is most likely the 9/11 anniversary but the US ‘apologizes’ (Hillary Clinton) for the insensitve movie the govt. had nothing to do with, nonetheless,

5)OBAMA NOT WANTING TO MEET WITH PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU at UN summit, claiming he’d be ‘out of town’ but someone else would meet him,(first time ever an Israeli Prime Minister would not be met by the sitting US President),

6)earlier, the US (Democrats) removing ‘Jeruslem’ and ‘God’ from the Democratic party platform at the DNC and only after protests from both sides awkwardly putting them back in after a ‘staged’ three time vote

7) Obama makes a tepid denunciation 

of the terrorist killing and torture of our ambassador to Libya (from nearby Piedmont, CA) and killing of three others the latter (largely forgotten by the press) after first issuing a statement
apologizing for the US’s religious intolerance!
The killing of the Libyan ambassador was an act of war
and without better security or real plans of preventative action by the US
this sort of thing will continue. Instead of Obama/govt saying the purpetrator will be ‘brought to justice’ why not make sure the Libyan govenrnment and others better securethe US consulates / embassies in the future. Especially on the anniversary of 9/11
you’d think there would have been better security called for by both Libya and the US
The US is now down to one real friend in the ever crucial middle East
and we’re in danger of losing Israel as Obama tries to appease both Jews andMuslims. Sometimes you can’t do both, especially in times like this. Right nowIsrael needs a strong voice and help from a friend – and the US needs Israeli in the Middle East!

On the local (US) front there’s a lot more sad,crazy stuff – here are just two examples:

– Are you aware that 4x (FOUR TIMES) as many people are leaving the labor force (196,000just last month per US Labor Statistics) as arejoining it? So, yes, technically unemployment may have been down a bit in August but that’s not including the numbers of those leaving the labor force.

8) The OBAMA ADMIN, RAISED THE FOOD STAMP PROGRAM BY 46% or 46 million people and expanding welfare by 20% with longer deadlines – average person now goes 27 months without working- which only gives people another a reason NOT to look for work –
thus the 196,000 who stopped looking for work in August, not to
mention the burden on on the economy while we give away millions to perpetrators in the mid East. No wonder so many more people actually believe they’re better off now than when
obama took office four years ago, what with all these increased handouts. Welfare and food stampsare fine IF they really lead back to work. But now they’re only adding to a worseningenconomyy in ways that aren’t reported, and yes, Obama is benefitting in his election bid
with newfound admirers, happy to attain the new gifts.

9) OBAMA WIPED OUT NASA SPACE PROGRAM with the stroke of a pen. HOpe you enjoyed ENDEAVOR’s last hurrah, recently,
because you won’t see any more space shots, trips to the moon or Mars as long s Obama is in office.

10) ‘CHANGES TO GOVERNMENT CAN’T BE MADE FROM THE INSIDE,’ declared Obama in a recent statement. Maybe under Obama this is true and a sad fact because that closes the door on 50% of possible change and if he can’t do it from the outside , as it appears he can’t, we’re really in trouble

OBAMA: ‘You Didn’t Build That

Business’ – Don’t Let Your

Business  Go Under

Continue reading OBAMA: ‘You Didn’t Build That Business’: Don’t Let Your Business Go Under

Bay Area Internet Marketing, San Francisco Advertising,Bay Area Marketing

Bay Area Internet Marketing,  San Francisco Advertising,Bay Area Marketing


Complete Time-line /SEO  FACEBOOK PAGES with APPS –$97


As you probably know, internet advertising has supplanted print and other ad media as the single most effective, popular – and cost-effective advertising medium (Ad-ology). Internet marketing is broken down into many subsets of which Coupon Country offers ALL for one very low price – a fraction of what other internet consultants charge (and don’t even include all the below features – See INFINITY Program)) . NOW 


Theme formats for most business categories: PIZZA / RESTAURANTS, PERSONAL CARE, ATTORNEYS, CONTRACTORS, etc

THIS WORDPRESS WEBSITE  INCLUDES  THE WHOLE INFINITY TOP 10-IN-1 PROGRAM  (only$194)(below) not all visable here…including Facebook, Email & Text Blasts,Get Googlized (maps, etc), Keyword Krusher, WordPress Webiste, Mobile friendly, Apps, etc.SEE THE ACTUAL WEBSITE FOR YOURSELF @ www.NaturesParadiseDaySpa.usserving  BAY AREA, Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Concord,Danville, Lafayette, Alamo, Blackhawk, Orinda, Castro Valley, Alameda., San Francisco, Hayward, Richmond, El sobrante, San pablo, Pinole, Hercules, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Pleasanton, San ramon, Danville, Dublin, San leandro, Alameda,El cerrito, Albany, Oakland, Fremont ,San Jose, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Marin, San Mateo, East Bay, Eastbay, Bay Area, CA

Cheap Ways to Advertise., How to Advertise your Business, Low Cost Marketing Strategies




Q and A:



A. No. Our rate is the same, only  $97 per month , which includes not 6 but  8 of the TOP 10 Infinity Program, below (only  New FACEBOOK and WORDPRESS WEBSITE are extra.)  Included are  the HOT NEW
Keyword Krusher, which is a new propriatary software tool  that really finds the less competitive, popular  keywords – We will GUARANTEE your 1st Page Ranking for at least one popular keyword/phrase, probably  more… and
-‘Get Googlized‘  gives you the same features as Google Places including 5 star reviews and Google Plus,

and Maps, if applicable, which all  definitely helps rankings…

BONUS: Mention ‘VIDEO’  and we’ll even include  a  Youtube  video on your opitimized webpage/website which also helps rankings since Google owns Youtube ; or we can also get you a custom made ‘off-site’ video for $150 extra but I think the former would be suffiicient  for rankings at no extra charge
With all these additions your business will definitely rank high!  …

We also offer full FACEBOOK pages (#4 below)  and full wordpress websites (#7 below) for another $97/mo.






www,    and
(925)788-3316 direct line 

Bay Area SEO -San Jose SEO Services , San Jose SEO Company

Bay Area


Bay Area


San Jose SEO

Services , San

Jose SEO



Master the following   from these key elements that go into NEW MARKETING and our Top 6-in-1 Advertising Package…



Blast the competition with our new FACEBOOK APPS!

Some call Facebook and Twitter the ‘new email’.
It any case, it’s a market not to be missed for business. It’s the fastest growing marketing platform and ad agencies are now diverting more funds towards Facebook advertising than all other ad media. And, FACEBOOK HAS CHANGED TO FACEBOOK TIMELINES! Don’t be left behind! We’ve got all the latest tools to present stunning new business pages and mobile apps for this, too where we can convert your existing Facebook page or begin a new timeline page . Facebook is new and still under-valued as most cost-effective. For more info  or call 1-888-422-6876



New Marketing Simplified – Best SEO features Keyword Krusher- perhaps the most inportant element in SEO – search engine optimization. Get Your Keywords Ranked High – Best Google Keywords,ETC

It used to be that a   business would  simply run an ad in the ‘Yellow Pages’  Phone Book  and that was enough marketing. That was then.

or call 1-888-422-6876


It’s not too late to get ranked high with Google Maps – but you don’t have to go through Google and wait and wait and then probably not get ranked on first page due to the increased competition, plus we’ll throw in 5 Star Reviews and Google Plus for Extra High Ranking tricks



Is Your Website Optimized? Learn the difference between computer optimization and SEO optimization including our cost-effective 6-in-1 Online Marketing Package.


Boost Business 30% with 7-in-1 Online marketing package featuring Email   Blasts Text Marketing plus Top-Rated Offline DIRECT MAIL COUPON MARKETING (Coupon Country) !


6) EMAIL BLASTS – See #5 above

  Bi-weekly EMAIL BLASTS  to our propriatary list of Bay Area and National buyers and coupon users



 Bi-weekly  TEXT BLASTS to our propriatary list of Bay Area and National buyers and coupon users


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Get the world’s best website, optimized with our 6-in-1 package for only $97


Bay Area Marketing,

Bay Area SEO –  San Jose SEO Services , San

Jose SEO Company

Find best internet marketing for San Jose SEO Services and San Francisco Bay Area Marketing, bay area online advertising @


Bay Area Marketing,

Bay Area SEO – San Jose SEO

Services , San Jose SEO Company

Boost Your Sales 30% – Top rated, New Marketing


Hurry! Deadline Is Now!  Top rated, New Marketing

Boost Your Sales 30% +

with our

FREE Proprietary ‘Ping, Blast & Syndicate’ Technology, Email, Text and other Top Ad Media

Get successful internet marketing,  internet marketing consulting, full service internet marketing , and more like this example:

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for Your Own Business!

Text Marketing, the ‘New Kid’ in Advertising, has already shown its impact for businesses like Tommy T’s in Pleasanton (Watch Video). This is only 1 of 6 FREE Ad media included in our New INFINITY 7-IN-1 MARKETING PACKAGE.

  • FREE Optimized Web Page(s) on our High-Traffic Sites, and using the latest ‘Ping-Blast-Syndicate’ technology and SEO strategies. =
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Successful internet Marketing,  internet marketing consulting, full service internet marketing

Effective Advertising Bay Area – Most Effective Advertising -Top Internet Marketing

Effective Advertising Bay Area –

Most Effective Advertising -Top

Internet Marketing

TOP ADVERTISING CHOICES – Internet – Email Marketing , Website Development, Text Marketing

In its 2010 study, we learned that Internet Marketing has replaced the old, traditional print (newspaper and phone book ) along with broadcast TV and radio , as the top ad media of choice by business and consumer alike – and more cost-effective (Ad-ology), with direct mail a close second. . Now , within the top-ranked INTERNET, Ad-ology has broken down the internet by category, showing email marketing still leads the way, along with website development (SEO) and mobile marketing coming on strong. Coupon Country and feature these top marketing platforms at unbelievably low rates 1-888-422-6876.

According to Ad-ology’s survey, the top places where small businesses will put their marketing dollars in 2011 are e-mail marketing (72.7 percent in 2011 vs. 56.6 percent in 2010) and company website development (70.5 percent in 2011 vs. 57.7 percent in 2010).

Effective Advertising Bay Area –

Most Effective Advertising -Top

Internet Marketing

In a social media world, it’s nice to hear that small companies are putting energy into their websites and e-mails. After all, websites don’t build themselves. And as Tim Berry said in an earlier post on Small Biz Trends, “e-mail is the backbone of social media.”

Optimism and New Advertising

Additionally, the forever optimistic small-business community expects more sales this year (more than 56.2 percent). Simultaneously, they seem to see some relatively untapped, cost-effective digital options like online videos, as well as increased mobile advertising, as viable marketing options this year.

45 percent of businesses plan to use online video in their marketing in 2011, vs. 28.4 percent in 2010.
35.9 percent of small businesses surveyed plan to use mobile advertising in 2011, vs. 21.3 percent in 2010.
Only time will tell whether these goals come to pass, but since more days of 2011 are ahead of us than behind us, seeing what other small businesses plan to do can be a gift for the strategist. How will you market yourself in 201

TOP ADVERTISING CHOICES – Internet – Email Marketing , Website Development, Text Marketing

Effective Advertising Bay Area –

Most Effective Advertising -Top

Internet Marketing






Top Rated 7-in-1 Cost-Effective Marketing; BAY AREA CLASSIFIEDS

and now #8 – Top 8 – in- 1 MARKETING – with the addition of


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