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Your Questions About Marketing Ideas

Your Questions About Marketing Ideas

Marketing ideas?

Hi all wondered if you could help: Our small company arranged marketing courses for people and we have not been receiving many enquiries from 2 of our locations, any ideas how we could go about increasing enquiries? Marketing ideas etc? thanks

admin answers:

Sounds like you need to get some data first. Trial & error is an expensive way to spend marketing dollars & effort, and sometimes it can do your brand more harm than good.

I kinda agree with an earlier poster – hire people who are good at marketing. And a good marketer already KNOWS what people will respond to and HOW to reach them best BEFORE pitching the value prop or judging the results.

Start off by interviewing your market – current customers are a good start. What were the reasons why they bought your product/service? How did they learn about it? What made them move when they did? Are there key


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