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Bay Area Backlinks – Your Questions About Marketing Mix – BAY AREA BACKLINKS

Ruth asks…

What element of the marketing mix do you think is most critical when positioning products or services to your?

What element of the marketing mix do you think is most critical when positioning products or services to your target market? Why?

admin answers:

Internet, Online, Web – Call it what you will but ONLINE ADVERTISING is here to stay, quickly replacing print marketing such as newspaper, phone book yellow pages and even radio and TV advertising.

You must have at least a web page and make sure it’s optimized.

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The mix is a bundle of variables which are offered to the customer. These include the product or service itself (its advantages); its availability (the place where and when it is available, delivered or distributed); its image (the way it is promoted) and, of course, the price which should be charged.

These are some of the ingredients which a marketing manager must mix together when optimising a limited amount of resources.

What is the best mix? A marketing manager has to juggle resources and decide on the best marketing mix. Should money be spent or forfeited on: reduced prices? Improved products? New delivery trucks? Or maybe invest all your money in a high risk TV advertising campaign?

Did you recognise the 4 Ps just there? In 1960 Jerome McCarthey presented the 4 Ps to the world. Since then marketing managers around the world have become familiar with them. Can you recall them?

In addition to the 4 Ps, there are other approaches to the mix. These are explored under ‘Different Approaches’ subtopic as shown in the title map.

Richard asks…

How does a company design the proper marketing mix?

Marketing strategy consists of selecting a segment of the market as the company’s target market and designing the proper marketingmix” that meets the needs of that segment. Discuss how this is achieved.

admin answers:

The Marketing Mix is known the elements that make up the marketing process. They include:

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Thomas asks…

How do you create a Target Market and Marketing Mix?

I am creating a new product which is an interactive science and math game to help kids ages 6-12yrs old with their homework. I am trying to come up with a target market besides age and kids who are getting low grades in these subjects and the marketing mix. I so do not understand the Marketing Course and need help with the target market and marketing mix. Please help me since I hae never created a new product marketing plan.

admin answers:

1)Look at the age and gender of the people who use your product. You can do this by surveying the consumers or deciding what age and gender you want to attract to your product.

2)Find out your consumers’ education and income levels. You may be able to market differently to those who have earned a college degree versus those who haven’t and to those who are in a high income bracket versus those who aren’t.

3)Notice the marital status and family life cycle of your target consumers. Find out whether they are single, newlyweds, have been married for many years, or have children or grandchildren. Each type spends money differently.

4)Look at the ethnic and religious background of the people who use your product. This may not make a difference in many cases, and is often good to know.

5)Put all the demographic information into a customer demographic profile. For example, you may find that your target market includes people in their 30s and 40s who graduated from high school, have a middle class income and are married with young children.

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Your Questions About San Francisco Seoul

Thomas asks…

What are the best skylines in the World for you??

1.Hong Kong
2.New York
11.Kuala Lumpur
18.San Francisco

admin answers:

So many to choose from, but I’ll have to pick
New York, before 9-11

Helen asks…

Which of these cities are safe to travel by yourself?

I’m an australian and im 14 so in say around 10 years time what do you think these cities will be like?
Which of these cities are really nice and safe to travel to?
And which of these should be avoided
San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles (greater metropolitan area too)
Santa Fe
El Paso
San Antonio
Washington DC
Atlantic City
Jersey City
New York City (Manhattan)
New Haven
St Paul
Rapid City
Dodge City
Mexico City
Rio De Janeiro
Buenos Aires
Cape Town
St Petersburg
New Delhi
Hong Kong

Thanks lol

admin answers:

I’ll try to answer all I can in the order of places I think are best:

#1) Japan: Anywhere in Japan is very safe. I walked around everywhere as a 14 year old with my little sister.

#2) Philippines: Manila is pretty safe, if you’re intimidated by lots of street vendors maybe go with a friend. No one will hurt you though. I live near there. Oh- and to add to your list, there’s this place in the Philippines called Boracay. It’s a beautiful island, much like a really cheap Hawaii. Haha

#3) New York: I’ve walked around New York City (the Manhattans) before, it’s sort of safe. I say “sort of” because during day with lots of people, it’s pretty safe. I traveled a lot during the day to Times Square and it went fine. I suggest to not walk around at night by yourself, it’s very scary. There’s lots of intimidating people.

#4) I never walked around Hong Kong by myself, but I never thought anything was scary. Even at night, it’s very bright and there’s lots of taxis everywhere.

#5) I haven’t been to Mexico before but from what I’ve heard that goes on there with the bad police and such, I suggest you don’t go there alone. At all.

#6) California: Los Angeles and San Francisco are gang infested places. There’s a lot to do in those areas but I suggest you don’t go there alone, despite having a lot of people there.

But the important thing is to have some native or someone who knows the country or place well wherever you go. Especially if it’s in a foreign language and there’s not many English translations. It especially makes it difficult to order food. Haha

I imagine in ten years time these places would be pretty much the same. Maybe more transportation and in high-tech places like Japan may have even faster bullet trains and cooler gadgets and such.

Have fun traveling! Hope I helped!

Ruth asks…

Flight with 3 stops: what do I need to do?

I’ll be taking a flight with stops for the first time and I don’t know exactly what I need to do. It’s an international flight with 2 stops and I’ll be going from Seoul -> Osaka -> San Francisco -> New York City. My first question is about my ticket. I can get my ticket for my flight, but do I need to get a new ticket when I land in Osaka (stop 1), and then again when I land in San Francisco (stop 2)? If so, how do I do that? Also, I will be changing airlines in San Francisco, so is there anything regarding that that I need to be aware of?
My second question is: What will happen with my luggage? Will it be shipped straight from Seoul to New York City, or will I need to check it? And how would I check it?
These questions might sound dumb, but I want to know what I need to do so I don’t run around like a maniac at the airports trying to figure it out. Thanks.

admin answers:

Well it all depends on if it’s the same plane or if you are actually changing planes in each of the cities. You will be given multiple tickets for each of the legs of your flights. Your checked baggage should be checked all the way through to your last destination unless the customs regulations in that country require you to physically pick up your luggage and then re-check it. Again, no biggy. You’ll know when you get there.

Make sure that each piece of your luggage weighs less than 50 lbs a piece. It’s a HUGE deal in other countries if you are overweight on your luggage. Some places might require it to be even less. Check with your airline. As for changing airlines in San Francisco, it’s not a big deal because you are likely flying with a partner airline as the first one. They will likely still be able to issue you a ticket for that flight too when you first check in. If in doubt, just go directly to the gate and check with them. That way, you’re already waiting for your flight, it won’t hurt.

Pack light. The last thing you want to do is be running through an airport with more than you can carry. I’d limit myself to one carry-on and one rollable checked luggage. I know that sounds harsh, but trust me. I’m speaking from experience and heartache.

George asks…


Is it Tokyo, NYC, London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai, L.A, Miami, Hong Kong, Rome, Amsterdam, Seoul, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Shanghai, Barcelona, Vancouver, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, San Francisco, Munich, OR ANY OTHER CITY IN THE WHOLE WORLD THAT I HAVE NOT MENTIONED?? LET THE WORLD CITY TRAVEL POLL BEGIN!!

admin answers:


Laura asks…

where can i get 6/8/09 DBSK tickets?

like in LA or San Francisco but if there are none then in Seoul

admin answers:

Read my other post from your other topic. O_o Plus, Seoul, DBSK isn’t having any concerts in Seoul since their focused in JAPAN right now for the “The Secret Code” Tour. And they’ve already finished their MIROTIC tour. :

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Your Questions About East Bay Marketing

James asks…

Something of intrest to barbados!?

Does barbadians really realize whats going on around them,some of you may not be familiar with the beautiful beaches,but i was born very close to the beach.I have notice now there is no access to the beach after you pass the Holetown police station,the only other access is by the paynes bay fish market,are we as barbadian will continue to shut up and allow ourself to be shut out from our beaches.We will ultimately pay a heavy price for our unwillingness to act,history will not be so kind to us, it will record a free people who had so much and gain nothing of value to our children or grand children,others will rightly say those people never achive anything,we labour not if we cannot labour for our own.The politicans in Barbados continue to fool the public over and over,you hear them saying things like Four Seansons,and many other top class resorts is being built how good it is for the economy (bullshit). How many developments in Barbados allocate funds to improve the surrounding area inhabitated by locals? How many developments seek to improve the lot of those whose areas they invade? They build up to the perimeter of their boundaries,and surround them with high fences.The message is clear,we are here but we are not apart of you.Now there are talking about developing Six Mens St.Peter,my word will not fall The beaches in Barbados is becomming private.I dont have anything against development but how in high heaven could any government allow people to block every access to the beach in a small island like Barbados as far as i can see in the future Bajans will have to bath on the east coast and build houses alon the scotland district.
I agree Subway should set up in Barbados,but to the original topic it is quite difficult to take money out of Barbados so Bajans must realize that when top class hotels are set up here ,there bank accounts are overseas so if you are in any where outside barbados and you book a holiday at a hotel own by outsiders the money does not come into Barbados it remain in their countries

admin answers:

Some people have protested but nothing seems to be done about it. If anything is done they will just leave a path just for you to barely get through.I guess some are the problem are the fault of the Town and Country Planning Department that allow some establishments to come too near to people’s property or block off roads or even build too near to roads. As one person block off their bit the other person will do it too causing confusion. I do not believe that there is anything much that we can do but to live with it. If we are in the respective areas they we can get a petition.

Some of the problems are caused by the non-nationals buying up the west coast and they blocking it off or doping something different to what the plan says. Case in point is the beach erosion on the west coast that is caused by one person blocking the water way higher up that is causing it lower down.

The government needs to monitor all the development and make sure that a beach access is left for the public but money talks and the government value the tourists more than their own people.

Edit: I ain’t got no problem with Subway because that is where I uses to eat in Puerto Rico. They serve some healthy stuff not like Cheffette and all the others that are protesting. All then want to do is to squeeze all the money that they can get out of us that is why I don’t buy any of their expensive products. Occasionally I might indulge but that is not the norm. I always try to analyze the snack box. Two pieces of chicken, a few hard chips, a roll and a bottle bomb that has no nutritional vale and only good for diabetes. You ain’t see Big John trying to out-beat Cheffette and all them is family.

David asks…

realignment in mlb? what do you think?

Well I answered someone elses question w/ the following proposal and wanted to see what you think. I say add two more teams to make it 32 like the nfl, and realign to four divisions in each league…north south east west:

AL East:
New York (A)

AL North:
Chicago (A)

AL South
Tampa Bay
Kansas City
New Franchise # 1 (Maybe San Antonio is the next city in line??)

AL West:
New Franchise #2 (I think Portland would be a good market)

NL East:
New York (N)

NL North:
Chicago (N)
St Louis

NL South:

NL West:
San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles

Well I know colorado is out of place, but it cant be perfect. Pitt moves to the east where they can build a rivalry w/ philly. The two new franchises are in the al. What do you guys think?
Well the playoffs can work either two ways: You can expand and have two wild card reps, like the nfl does (Im in favor for post season expansion), or you can have no wild card and have four reps from each division and the format would stay the same, and the team w/ the best record would face the team w/ the worst record among playoff teams in the divisional round
The AL South is very very ugly! TB or KC might actually make the playoffs…to balance it out you could put one of the new franchises in a better division and a more experienced one in the al south
what do you think?
I think the talent level is find…if you add a salary cap and prevent teams such as ny and boston from spending so much money then it would be better. there is a lot of talent in baseball, evident by international signings and expanded minor leagues. There just has to be a playing field and the two new markets could thrive. Or, you can move tampa and florida…
I would just want to add more teams just so there can be an even amount of teams in each division and to see new cities w/ teams
what do you guys think now?

admin answers:


George asks…

future alignment of the nhl?

the future nhl, i figured it out!
canada east
1) montreal canadians
2) ottawa senators
3) toronto maple leafs
4) quebec nordiques (formerly the columbus blue jackets as of 2014-15)
5) halifax voyageurs (formerly the florida panthers as of 2016-17)
canada west
1) vancouver canucks
2) edmonton oilers
3) calgary flames
4) winnipeg jets (formerly the atlanta thrashers as of 2010-11)
5) hamilton tigers (formerly the phoenix coyoties as of 2011-12)
1) boston bruins
2) new york rangers
3) buffalo sabres
4) new jersey devils
5) philadelphia flyers
east us
1) tampa bay lightning
2) pittsburgh penguins
3) washington capitals
4) new york islanders
5) carolina hurricanes
1) st. louis blues
2) chicago blackhawks
3) nashville predators
4) minnesota wild
5) detroit red wings
1) los angeles kings
2) anaheim ducks
3) san jose sharks
4) colorado avalanche
5) dallas stars

it was nice to try hockey in the south, but most parts must be built to sustain nhl not given it right away, in 2030’s we might be diversed enough to continue expansion in the south but canada deserves hockey, it will help build the mystique of the nhl with passionate fans eagerly waiting for a hometown team to cheer, hooray for hockey, hooray for canada,

eastern conference:
canada east
east us
western conference:
canada west
west us

with the divisions in mind i think they should play games heavily influenced by division and conference, not many inter conference games at all, thats why i think hamilton should be in the west so fans in the area could see every team, sorry fans of florida, atlanta, columbus, and phoenix but honestly i dont think your ready for the nhl, i understand the transplanted fans would be dissapointed, but thats why i think they should all be granted minor league teams and have the nhl built a solid rep through getting involved in the communities, teaching them what hockey is, and building itself fanatics and future players from the ground up. handing them a nhl franchise right away is nice but its like puting a ton of nascar races in canada, growing up in new england and florida i understand both sports fans views, the south is an entity in itself, i understand why more people in the south like college football having a sense of state pride because there states are so damn big, and baseball and basketball because its cheap to play and i never played anything but street hockey cause it was too expensive, and they like their racing, just not much history or passion to watch, understand, or play the game of hockey there. to each his own, with the right determination and effort non hockey markets could make the big leagues, canada loves hockey, they deserve better for their love of the game, major league support coast to coast.


admin answers:

Quebec City had trouble supporting the Nordiques, and the team was in financial trouble, and the Province of Quebec refused to subsidise the team. Not sure if they could support another team now. Another alternative might be to move Columbus to Montreal as the Montreal Maroons.

Charles asks…

How pissed is Fox right now?

Going into the LCS, there were a couple options out there:

National league:
Phillies – strong local fan base, not too much national support, good team, not a huge draw
Dodgers – it’s LA, it’s Manny, etc. etc.
American League:
Tampa – nice underdog story, almost no fan support except for the bandwagon and those who cheer the underdog
Boston – it’s, well… Boston…

Perfect scenario: LA vs Boston. Manny back in Fenway for the World Series. Torre facing the Red Sox again. Boston trying to repeat and create a dynasty. East Coast vs West Coast. Start counting the $$.

What they’re probably going to get: Philadelphia vs Tampa Bay – no really intriguing stories, no rivalries, smaller fan bases, less geographical diversity

If you’re on the Fox marketing team, how are you going to sell this series?
Remember, this is all from a TV marketing standpoint. I don’t care if you love the Phillies or Rays, you can’t deny that the Dodgers and Red Sox both get more national attention, and when you throw in the storylines, it’s by far a better sell for a national TV audience
I agree Scooter, but the fact is, there are a lot of people who aren’t big fans that would watch the Red Sox vs Dodgers, and won’t watch the Phillies and Rays. I’ll watch either way, but they still have to try to bring in the people who aren’t going to watch the Series just because it’s the Series

admin answers:

You are absolutely right. There is a core group of baseball fans that will watch the Series no matter who is playing – probably most of us that take time on YA to talk about baseball fall into this group.

However, the ratings will all depend on the number of casual fans tuning in. Boston – LA with the Manny storyline added in would attract huge numbers of casual fans. Philly-Tampa simply won’t draw them in. Good storylines and an interesting series for the dedicated fan. Nothing flashy enough to attract the casual fan unless it gets to six or seven games.

The home markets are also very important to TV ratings. Philadelphia won’t be a problem – big city with a dedicated fan base that has been starved of championships. Tampa on the other hand cannot even sell out their ALCS games – even with thousands of Red Sox fans pouring in. So, I doubt they will get good ratings on TV either.

As for marketing it…they need to come at it from a history perspective. They can’t sell the teams, so they have to sell the Series. One thing in their favor is the economic crisis. Baseball can be marketed as something consistent, familiar and safe in a time of inconsistency and confusion.

Mandy asks…

Should the MLB expand to 32 teams?

I think that the MLB should consider the above for two reasons. a) so that there will be an even number of teams in every league and division, and b) because I think that there are at least two markets which I think that the MLB could tap into.

Here is what I think that the league should look like upon expansion to 32 teams:

AL East: Boston, N.Y. Yankees, Baltimore, Tampa Bay
AL Central: Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago W.S.
AL Midwest: New Orleans (expansion), Minnesota, Kansas City, Texas
AL West: Seattle, Portland (expansion), Oakland, L.A. Angels

NL East: N.Y. Mets, Philadelphia, Washington, Florida
NL Central: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chicago Cubs
NL Midwest: Milwaukee, St. Louis, Houston. Denver
NL West: Arizona, San Francisco, L.A. Dodgers, San Diego

The two expansion cities which I have chosen are New Orleans and Portland. I think that New Orleans would be a good city because a) it has a metro of around 1.5 million, and b) there are no other MLB teams nearby. As for Portland, a) it has a metro of around 2 million, and b) they would make a good rivalry with the Mariners.

The divisional format is four divisions with four teams each in both leagues, a la NFL. The two new divisions would be called AL Midwest and NL Midwest. I think that by having the same number of teams in each division, it will erase any advantages or disadvantages of any particular teams making the playoffs.

At present, the teams in the NL Central have less chance of making the playoffs, because the division has six teams, and the AL West teams have more chance of making the postseason because there are only four teams within that division.

The only drawback is that the divisions would have to be realigned, meaning that some existing divisional rivalries would be lost. However, none of the teams would have to switch leagues.

Does anyone agree with the above suggestions, and if not, why?

admin answers:

No – MLB should not expand now or the near future because potential qualified owners would be difficult to locate. Then there’s possible cities where two new teams would be established – including stadiums.

Portland lost it’s AAA team – it wouldn’t be able to support a MLB team.
New Orleans is a AAA size metropolitan area.

MLB needs to direct its attention to some of the smaller market teams now struggling financially – Rays and Marlins; Royals and A’s could also fit in that group.

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Your Questions About Bay Area Marketing Agencies

Chris asks…

I’ve been unemployed for…wow…over a year. yikes! Decided to put up an online portfolio. feedback please?

I’ve been throwing my resume down the gaping holes of craigslist, careerbuilder, etc and talked to various employment agencies so I’m not just sitting around on my butt. I’m told that a portfolio helps but I’m still newer to graphic design. If anyone is in HR or is familiar with the hiring, interviewing process I would really appreciate a look over at the portfolio site.

I’d love a job with marketing, advertising, writing…etc. just no sales!! Dont know if the portfolio reflects that. It still needs work with the scrolling and all that…but i’m more interested on the things i can change myself like the content and background. =) thank you so much! I’m beginning to really freak out about having beeen unemployed this long…I moved to the bay area thinking things would change…but nope…still waiting.
here is the site:

admin answers:

College education? Or just planning to throw junk online and trying to get a job that way

Lisa asks…

I am frustrated with the job market and what to do with myself?

I been unemployed for sometime now. I been applying for work but get frustrated pretty quickly with the process. I think it’s driving me nuts. Obviously, I need to get a new job. What is a good way to stay motivated and pace myself? I live in the SF Bay Area, by the way.

Most of my experience consists of teaching ESL and Mathematics overseas (I have a BA, no credential). Most recently I have done software Quality Control for a prominent IT company (however my computer skills are very modest). The thought of working retail is nauseating! ….LOL

I have tried temp agencies but they are slow now, and would prefer avoiding them. Also, I have tried job boards but think with so many unemployed these companies are going to get inundated with resumes anyway.

I would appreciate your suggestions, thanks.

admin answers:

Looking for a job is one of the most frustrating things you can experience. You have to go where no one else goes. Go to the nearest Industrial Park. No one applies there. You can find the location on a zoning map at City Hall. You might drive a forklift or load a truck but you will find work..

Sharon asks…

Are you concerned about lead in food marketed toward children?

“Quantities of lead in bottled juice, juice boxes, and packaged fruit could exceed federal limits for the lunchbox-toting set, according to the Environmental Law Foundation. The Bay Area-based environmental nonprofit, which enlisted the aid of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-certified lab in Berkeley, tested nearly 400 samples from 150 branded products marketed to children, including apple juice, grape juice, packaged pears and peaches (including baby food), and fruit cocktail mixes. The alarming results: 125 out of 146 products—or more than 85%—contained enough lead in a single serving to warrant a warning label under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, better known as Prop. 65.”

For a list of who passed and who didn’t (pdf file):

admin answers:

No, I’m not. My daughter doesn’t drink much juice and doesn’t eat fruit out of a can except when they have it at school parties or on the rare occasion that I just have her buy lunch rather than pack it.

I kind of have to smirk at the picture on the first link of the girl sipping out of an “organic” juice box.

Packaged foods are inherently less healthy than foods in more raw states. We aren’t health nuts by any means, but isn’t a lot of this common sense?

The last lead test my daughter had came back normal. I’m sure we’re all getting exposure in hundreds of other forms.

Richard asks…

please can any one help me in this project?

Hi, I am a student from Oman specializing in environmental engineering. Now days I am working on a project that deals with Khor [(English: estuary) is a landlocked body of water in the form of a semi-enclosed bay, the river is fed by several rivers or on the one hand, and is attached to the sea on the other hand, when mixed with salt water to freshwater]. This khor (Khor Kashmir) is located in Sohar which is a coastal city in my country. Last January a proposal was submitted to the responsible government agency for developing Khor Kashmir of Sohar as a bird-watching site. Khor Kashmir has dried out due to disconnection from the sea. This Khor is located near the fish market in Sohar and that was the first time it was disconnected from the sea then fishing harbor was built around the area and eventually the Cornish road was made. As there is still underground water table that might contain fresh or brackish water, the Khor is retaining it diverse plant life. If the water flow between the Khor and the sea can be reinstated there will be a natural habitat for shore birds to come along as witnessed during the last rain events when water pools got formed and there will be a potential for the Khor to develop as tourist attraction.
My questions are:
Should the scope include a tourism survey to determine demand?
Should the project include a bird survey or do you think there is enough information about birds at the site from existing records?
Should the project end with detailed drawings?
Should the project examine options to i) open the khor entrance, ii) keep it open?

admin answers:

Your training in engineering may be otherwise excellent but it seems to have left out one practical aspect. Always include any studies you can get funded for. You might have to hire temporary help to do this. That’s a relatively cheap way to determine the value of the consultants for future work. In addition, the company makes money on everyone they hire. I have been flown, at company expense, from the US to the Middle East for environmental impact work and I am sure that the company made a lot of money from my expertise, such as it is.

A few other notes. Surveys can quantify the cost-benefit analysis and are probably more often right than wrong. A good biologist will do both a field survey and a literature survey; there may have been changes. Always have drawings. Politicians rarely read but some look at pictures. Always consider all possible options, no matter what you think of them.

Mandy asks…

i need a help in my project?

Hi, I am a student from Oman specializing in environmental engineering. Now days I am working on a project that deals with Khor [(English: estuary) is a landlocked body of water in the form of a semi-enclosed bay, the river is fed by several rivers or on the one hand, and is attached to the sea on the other hand, when mixed with salt water to freshwater]. This khor (Khor Kashmir) is located in Sohar which is a coastal city in my country. Last January a proposal was submitted to the responsible government agency for developing Khor Kashmir of Sohar as a bird-watching site. Khor Kashmir has dried out due to disconnection from the sea. This Khor is located near the fish market in Sohar and that was the first time it was disconnected from the sea then fishing harbor was built around the area and eventually the Cornish road was made. As there is still underground water table that might contain fresh or brackish water, the Khor is retaining it diverse plant life. If the water flow between the Khor and the sea can be reinstated there will be a natural habitat for shore birds to come along as witnessed during the last rain events when water pools got formed and there will be a potential for the Khor to develop as tourist attraction.
My questions are:
Should the scope include a tourism survey to determine demand?
Should the project include a bird survey or do you think there is enough information about birds at the site from existing records?
Should the project end with detailed drawings?
Should the project examine options to i) open the khor entrance, ii) keep it open?

admin answers:

1. Tourism survey: I’m not sure how valuable this will be. People often cannot imagine what a development will be like before it is started, so they will be basing their answers to you on what the place looks like now. Since I don’t know what it looks like now, or how you envision it in the future, I can’t guess as to how your survey would come out, and whether it would truly reflect the demand generated from the project.

2. Bird survey: This depends on the depth of the previous bird surveys, and how well established the area is as a place for bird watching. If you already have a good survey from a respected individual or institution, you probably don’t need another, unless it was done a very long time ago. If you have reason to believe new species are now visiting the area, especially if those species can be a big tourist draw, you should document those species. (Such species, either due to size or unusual appearance, are informally described by biologists as “charismatic fauna.”)

3. It is always a good idea to include drawings as to how the place will look in the future. Technical detail may not be necessary at this point.

4. Definitely explore options. Even when one option is clearly superior to others, it’s a good idea to show why your preferred option is best. People like the idea that they have had input into what is being done.

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Your Questions About Bay Area Fastrak

Richard asks…

SF Bay Area Fastrak sensor question on dash?

I just received my Fastrak inside sensor. It will only be used a few times a year. So, my question is “Will the device work if placed on my dash when I approach the toll booths”? I don’t want to mount it to the windshield nor the lower dash via velcro but keep it in my glove box until needed.

admin answers:

In North Texas, we use the same technology for our tollways, the driver is issued a “Tolltag” with velcro strips for the windshield. I have used mine on the dash, or lend it to the kids or out of town guests who use it on the dash…never a problem. Here, some of the tollbooths or exits have a red/green light (mostly those that accept change as well), you can test your scanner at those places that give a signal (if those operate in your area). Hope you get some local answers as well.

Ruth asks…

What is the Bay Area FasTrak? How does the money and credit situation work?

admin answers:

This is directly from the FasTrak website:

Is there a charge for the toll tag or for opening a FasTrak® account?

There is no fee for the toll tag and no service charge to open and maintain a FasTrak® account, but you must keep a minimum balance in your prepaid account. Your account can be automatically kept above this minimum by authorizing regular payments from your credit card.

To establish an account using a credit card, an initial prepaid balance of $25 per toll tag will be charged to your card. To establish an account with cash or check, an initial prepaid balance of $50 per toll tag is due at the time the account is opened.

Basically a minimum balance must be in the account, you authorize what they can take out of your checking/credit card account to put onto the FasTrak account. Just check out their FAQ on the website it’s pretty thorough

Chris asks…

bay area fastrak question?

I used fastrak yesterday and i went 50mph and the fastrak did not beep i saw camera flashing will i get a ticket? but my license plate number is on the account. what should i do?

admin answers:

As long as your license matches the fast track, you’re ok. Mines never beeps, but they are never late to charge me $88 a month.. =( raising toll soon, they are voting on how to raise the toll..

William asks…

Bay Area Fastrak Question?

I bought fastrak toll tag at costco but i activate it online but i bought 1 toll tag what do i do now?

admin answers:

The transponder should have come with adhesive strips. You stick it on the inside of your windshield either near the rearview mirror or lower corners.

When you drive through the toll plaza, just drive straight through the tollbooths identified as Fastrak–no need to stop.

Your credit card will be charged again automatically when your balance gets low.

Steven asks…

bay area fastrak violation?

so i was on the richmond bridge and i don’t know if i got a ticket or not but the toll tag did beep but i saw the camera flash. will i get a ticket?

admin answers:

Maybe it didn’t completely pick up your fastrak unit. If it took a picture of your license plate, and it is on file with fastrak you will have no problem. I have forgotten my fastrak before, and passed through. I was worried about the same thing, but then they just billed my account because my license plate was on file. I even helped a friend out who doesn’t have fastrak and passed through by accident, he got the violation in the mail. I called the people at fastrak and told them I was driving the vehicle, and lied, telling them that somehow it didn’t pick up my transponder, and they just billed my account for the 4 dollar toll and told me to disregard the violation!

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Forum

Laura asks…

What is, spam free, Internet Marketing forum?

I’m looking for a forum about marketing and SEO. I don’t like Digital Point because their forum is cluttered with useless content and a lot of spam. Does anyone have an idea of where I can post and be bombarded with spam?

admin answers:

Wickedfire or the Warrior forum are good places to check.

Lizzie asks…

Whats the best website/forum for tips on internet marketing?

Would like some information on internet marketing, any decent websites or forums out there that provide useful up to date information?

admin answers:

Hi there,

This greatly depends on what you are looking for. There are many great online blogs and website offering tips on internet marketing. Here are some of them for you to check out you may well have already checked some of them out.

Hope this helps.

Jenny asks…

Which serious online forum could I join to learn more about Internet marketing and making business online?

Thank you!

admin answers:

By far the best forum I have found is the Warrior Forum ( ) . The people are generally friendly, and there’s a wide range of experience – from “newbies” to experienced marketers.

You can find my name on my blog below, and I use my real name on the forum, so I hope to see you over there!

Daniel asks…

Can The Internet Marketing of Adult Industry fukc The Crisis?

What do you think?

Which is The Best (e)Book or Blog/Site/Forum about The Internet Marketing of Adult Entertainment Industry?

admin answers:

Adult Entertainment Industry is going downhill. There are many websites out there now that have everything you could possibly ever want to watch or see for FREE.

The only thing you can do is put advertisements on your website if you plan to make one. Since the websites are free, they draw MILLIONS of visitors and viewers… Which advertisers would gladly pay you for to be on the site if it gets popular enough.

John asks…

In terms of Affiliate Marketing, do internet forums do well in attracting traffic?

Or would another type of site be more profitable?

admin answers:

NO — because:

1 – many forum owners and administrators don’t like people spamming their forum and putting in links; or merely using their forum to advertise their affiliate programs

2 – you can get traffic, but not a lot of traffic. You will have to spam a lot of forums with your affiliate links to be able to get a sizeable traffic

Getting traffic should be a multi-pronged approach, and not just using 1 strategy. Examples include

Send out press releases. While outfits charge as much as $650 per release, there are free press release submission places on the Web. Press releases allow you to (a) attract media attention; (b) get more back links to your website without sending each website an email request; and (c) get more visibility especially if your press release gets in Google News or Yahoo News.


Submit articles. Write articles and submit them to websites accepting author submissions. You get exposure for your business; establishes you as an authority in your field, and allows you to get backlinks for your website. If 50 websites publish your article and it contains a link back to your website, then you easily get 50 links from a single article. The more links you have, the greater your chances for increasing your search engine rankings.

Here is a comprehensive list of where to submit your articles;_ylt=AhzreGmnCUicOoyedqypscUjzKIX?qid=1006022407481

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Your Questions About Marketing Plan

Steven asks…

Marketing Plan?

Does anyone know of any helpful resources to help me make an individual marketing plan for the credit union I work for. I have to put the whole plan together for a Marketing class and am having a lot of trouble. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Marketing plan is real easy to put together. You basically what to describe what your selling/offering, to whom (clients), how (online…), and what you are going to do to promote it (ads…). Ultimately, you want to set goals, costs associated with those goals, and expected results.

Richard asks…

How to create a Marketing Plan and others?

I have a class project its about a restaurant that we are creating and will eventually open soon. I have choosen to specilize in seafood. This will be a huge resturant about 100 seats. Now, I have to write a statement for each: Vision, Mission, Long-range plan, Business plan, Marketing Plan, and a Operating Budget. The problem is is that I dont know the first thing about a restaurant business which makes it hard for me to figure out what I should wright. What could I possibly say?

admin answers:

Thats also my problem! Idk how to start that plan… Anyway i can provide you diz linked to help you
this is also came from yahoo answer … This will help alot!

Ruth asks…

I need help trying to create a marketing budget for a marketing plan?

I am making a marketing plan for a college level marketing class. This is the first marketing class I’ve ever taken, so I’m stuck on this part. I am doing my marketing plan for a private university. My budget per quarter is $65,000. What is a realistic amount to go towards social media (TV commericals, radio advertisement, etc), print advertisement, and internet marketing. These are the areas I’ve focused on in my marketing plan. Any advice?

admin answers:

Try to get some ideas with some internet marketing consultants. They are very efficient in making internet marketing through various channels like social networks. I here mentioned a source to get some good internet marketing consultation.

Betty asks…

What is the difference between Marketing objectives and Strategies in a Marketing Plan?

Doing a marketing plan for a golf course. Objectives: Increase rounds played, increase awareness. Strategies: ??? Should I use pretty much the same thing or are they going to be much different than my objectives?

admin answers:

Objective should be based on increased revenue, increased memberships, increase awareness, increased plays, etc.

Your strategy should consist of methods you plan to implement to reach that objective.

Helen asks…

In my business marketing class i have to create a marketing plan and i need help picking a product?

Some ideas I thought of were maybe a magazine, energy drink, clothing line and that’s about it lol. Does anyone have any ideas?
The Objective of this marketing plan project is as follows: “prepare a marketing plan (it is very reasonable and acceptable to perform a marketing plan on a business that you are familiar or work or would like to work). It is also intened to assist you in analysis and Problem solving.

admin answers:

Go with what you know. If you go with an energy drink, magazine, or clothing line you’ll be squarely in the world of requiring a distribution network to get your products out, otherwise you won’t sell a thing. You can also choose a D2C (direct to consumer) product if you don’t want to go into the details of getting people to ship your products, bill them on a net-30 basis, etc.

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Your Questions About San Francisco Seoul

Paul asks…

Should I go to Korea Instead of Bangkok?

Hi guys,
a month ago, I’ve booked air tickets from San Francisco to Seoul, then to Bangkok for Jan 3, 2009. I’m not sure when the political unrest and demonstration at the Bangkok airports will be resolved, so I was thinking maybe my husband and I can just get off in Seoul and enjoy my two weeks in Korea instead of Bangkok. But…what can I do in the dead of winter in Korea for two weeks? Can anyone give me some pointers on where to go, sleep and eat? Would I need to buy loads of thermal wear and big coats and boots? I don’t know anyone in Korea but it might be nice to go after 30 years of leaving the country when I was a kid. Ughh…Choices, choices.

admin answers:

Personally, I’d probably just head out to Bangkok – theres much more to do than here in Korea.

No you don’t need to buy loads of thermal wear – its not that bad. Though you will need a warm winter jacket and a pair of mittens.
The winters here are comparable to Washington or Oregon State, which aren’t that bad. Seoul doesn’t get too much snow during the winter — the streets of downtown usually have no snow because its shoveled off.

Lots of affordable hotels if you stay outside of the downtown core of Seoul. Outside of Seoul you can get hotels from 30,000won – 70,000won, and in Seoul about 60,000won – 200,000won.

There are tonnes of Korean restaurants and fast food (Mc Donalds, Burger King, Lotteria, Subway, etc) restaurants in Seoul — Korean food is very affordable, always fresh and very unique.

As for entertainment and things to do during winter, I’d reccommend:

Lotte World – It is an indoor amusement park, great during the winter. They also have a huge indoor pool with tonnes of slides, and a extra-large ice rink thats warm enough to skate in just a t-shirt.

Seoul Tower – The tram would be the best choice during winter. The view from the tower is AMAZING!

Namdaemun Market – Although it is outdoors, you can get great deals on everything from Korean Souvenirs, to knock-off Louis Vuitton wallets to clothes and toys. Definitely worth seeing.

If you lived in Korea 30 years ago as a kid, then you’ll see quite a change. Korea has changed tremendously within the last 10-15 years. My mom visited Korea 25 years ago and didn’t even recognize it when we moved here a little over a year ago.

Personally I’d probably go to Bangkok, theres a lot more to do there, than here in Korea. Although, Korea is a great country and very beautiful in the winter.

Donald asks…

What airports have you been to and what was the worst (why?) and best?

Buffalo-Niagara International Airport
Toronto Pearson International Airport
Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport
Nuremberg Airport
Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport
Chicago International O’Hare Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Des Moines International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Raleigh-Durham International Airport
Vancouver International Airport
Seoul-Incheon International Airport
Busan-Gimhae International Airport

Vancouver has to be the worst. The customs agents and airport workers act like they’re some how above you and I saw them shouting orders at people who didn’t know where to go. Like “Over there!!” “What are you doing?!?” and rolling their eyes. It was total disorganization and chaos.
The best airport I’ve been in so far has to be the one in Munich there was lots of shops and the workers were really friendly and and stuff was easy to find. Philadelphia and Seoul-Incheon are good ones too.

admin answers:


Sydney – queues for everyhing. Impolite staff. Standing about. When you emerge into the sun you find there is a huge queue at the taxi rank.

Pisa – so small you can’t get a seat.

Palermo – queues from check-in stretch into the car park. You have to squeeze in to find which queue is the one for your flight.

Paphos – they change the gates 2 or 3 times before they get it right,. There are only 4! On one flight our plane had an engine starting problem and so needed the airport starter truck – the driver had finished work and gone home – 30 miles away and had to be called back.

Steven asks…

what’s your 10 favorite cities in the world?

You can name cities you haven’t been too if you’d like. For me it’s,

1. Berlin, Germany
2. Busan, South Korea
3. Kyoto, Japan
4. New York, USA
5. Saint Petersburg, Russia 
6. San Francisco, USA 
7. Seoul, South Korea
8. Singapore, Singapore
9. Tokyo, Japan
10. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

admin answers:

1. Quebec City, Canada
2. Vancouver, Canada.
3. San Francisco.
4. New Orleans (Pre Katrina – haven’t been there since.)
5. Paris.
6. Venice, Italy
7. Florence, Italy.
8. Buenos Aires.
9. New York.
10. Auckland, N.Z.

I’ve been to all of them, and they are in the order that I thought of them.

Lizzie asks…

Which of the following cities in the list below are the best to live in? (survey)?

Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Auckland, Seoul, Bangkok, London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Paris, Johannessburg, Sao Paulo, Honolulu, Male (Maldives), Beijing, Shanghai

admin answers:

Male in the Maldives.
Sun, sea, sand, what more do you need!

Joseph asks…

Have you ever been to any of these places?

If so, which ones:

1. London
2. Washington D.C.
3. San Francisco
4. Istanbul
5. Seoul
6. Pittsburgh
7. Johannesburg
8. Nairobi
9. Buenos Aires
10. Halifax
11. Dakar
12. Mexico City
13. Prague
14. Bucharest
15. Moscow
16. Poitiers
17. Montreal
18. Jakarta
19. Chennai
20. Kyoto

admin answers:

Washington D.C

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Your Questions About East Bay Marketing

George asks…

No local Channels out of Market with DirecTV?

I gave my daughter one of our Directv receiver to take to college. She goes to Michigan State in East Lansing Michigan. We had Green Bay local channels at home. Now at college she gets all the channels except local channels. It just says searching for satellite. Can this be fixed or do we just live with out them?

admin answers:

There are two possible answers to your question. The first is the type of dish you have in Green Bay. Most DTV systems us an 18″ round dish which receives programming from the 101 satellite. Some markets require two 18″ dishs for locals, one points to the 101 and the other at the 72.5 satellite, and to further complicate things, some markets may require a mult-sat dish that looks at the 101, 110, and 119 satellites. I would make sure both locations are using the same type dish.

Assuming both installations have the same type of dish, then I suspect the problem is due to spot beams.

Both Dish and DirecTV use spot beams to deliver local channels. Spot beams focus the signal at a specific geographic area vs the entire country.

By using spot beams, they can use the same transponders to send local programming to many cities thus improving overall performance of the satellite. If this is the issue, then there is no fix.

Paul asks…

Should I move to arizona?

I live in california (east bay ). I would like to move to arizona but I have some concerns. I work for restaurant industry in california how is job market there. I have two kids how is education. I dont mind hot weather. The reason we want to move from california is high living standard. Plz help . Thanks

admin answers:

California does not have a high living standard. What they have is a high cost of living. I’m looking at gas prices right now and in Phoenix the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.56. In Oakland it is $4.09. That’s just one example.

The restaurant business is better here in the cooler months of the year when the Snowbirds arrive. They eat out more often having flown from their cold, northern snowy states.

You obviously have a computer so check Craigslist-Phoenix to get a feel for the job descriptions which are open in the area. You can also check on Monster and CareerBuilder.

The overall education ranking of Arizona is not good. We are almost at the bottom of the list.

Susan asks…

Help with deciding if moving to Oakland from San Francisco is the right thing for us?

My Wife and I currently live in SF (Mission District). The Mrs. Works in East Bay and drives a lot to and from for work. Myself, I work downtown SF. We currently have a 1 bedroom with an office in the Mission and are thinking about having children. We are considering to move to Oakland (20th and Market) because it is central between our work places and is twice the size of our current one and the same price. It also has gated area and a garage. This place has everything that we want in an apartment but we do not feel 100% about the area yet. Its like a really nice building surrounded by a not as nice area with warehouses and run down homes. We just need help with our thought process in determining what is important. Its not like we have to move immediately or have to move at all for that matter. It would just be nice to:
A .Not park on the street.
B. Not have to carry dirty laundry 2 blocks every week.
C. Have an actual bedroom (not modified office) for an incoming child.
D. Be closer to her work.
E Pay same price as current place or cheaper

Further East of Oakland is not an option. Did that once.
Cannot afford more than 1800/month for rent.

admin answers:

Think about the children’s needs: Childcare, parks, schools, libraries, STREET SAFETY (crime), ability to learn and practice a second language in SF.

BART is available whichever side you decide to go.

I’m afraid to go to Oakland anymore.

Helen asks…

What are the nicest cities to live in around Downey, Ca?

I was born & raised in Southern Ca. & decided to move to Northern Ca. (San Ramon, East Bay area). My Fiance (Colorado native) & I are moving back to So. Cal. due to a huge job opportunity. The office is in Downey & I know for a fact that it is not the place for us.

The ideal for us would be to find a city/neighborhood that is more lush & green, out of the way. Commuting maybe 45 minutes to have that far far away feel would be wonderful.

I’ve never been a fan of living in huge cities…pollution, traffic, crime & the fast pace of things just don’t flow well with us. After living in Northern Califonia I fell in love with the fresh air, lots of trees, laid back people, small local shops, arts festivals, fairs, farmers markets & ability to go camping within about a 3 hour beautiful drive. We also love the coast so that’s an option as well.

Any hidden gems out there??

admin answers:

Oh boy…

Downey isn’t so bad, and you had better check out the traffic before you write it off. Then radiate out by distance and your budget. Belmont Shore in Long Beach or any of the upscale beach towns. Pasadena is hot, literally and figuratively, and I (who live there) love it, but it is a long drive.

How about the back canyons of Orange County? Or old Fullerton? South Pasadena?

Just remember home is where the heart is…

Steven asks…

How do you feel about a felon who served in prison as Obama’s Green Job Czar?

“Just a couple of days ago I wrote about President Obama’s black red “Green Jobs” czar Van Jones who came up through the ranks as a racial radical arrested in the Rodney King riots, embraced communism while in jail, formed a socialist collective which championed the ideas of Marx and Lenin, and has now seized on on the environmentalist movement as a vehicle for his extremist ideas.”

The East Bay Express has a very lengthy article about Jones and his activist past, written in 2005. Here are a few telling excerpts:

But that wasn’t enough to assuage his anger. Convinced that American society needed a wake-up call on race, Jones abandoned his plan to become a journalist, concluding that he would rather make news than report it. “If I’d been in another country, I probably would have joined some underground guerrilla sect,” he said.

…while Jones was observing the first large rally since the lifting of the city’s state of emergency [during the Rodney King riots], he got swept up in mass arrests. It was a turning point in his life.

Jones had planned to move to Washington, DC, and had already landed a job and an apartment there. But in jail, he said, “I met all these young radical people of color — I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of.’” Although he already had a plane ticket, he decided to stay in San Francisco. “I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.” In the months that followed, he let go of any lingering thoughts that he might fit in with the status quo. “I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th,” he said. “By August, I was a communist.“

“We have long seen the close connections between the worldwide environmentalist movement and Marxism. They have long shared the same anti-business, anti-free market, anti-freedom agenda and methods of thuggish intimidation. Like many Marxists, Jones has recognized that the environmentalist movement makes a great vehicle to advance Marxism.”

SO lets see, Obama has 30 some Czars that answer to NO ONE but Obama, and now Obama uses his “great judgement” to select this street thug to run the Green Jobs (whatever sham that is). So much for the “transparency” of the Obama Regime.

admin answers:

Just another *pathetic* Nobama decision! I thought a *felon* couldn’t hold any office……………

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